Ball Tripping

In every human endeavour there is always the possibility of one man trying to use every possible opportunity to cheat others no matter how ignoble the act is. Casino games as a human endeavour is not an exception. Some casino players employ some obnoxious means to cheat the casinos. This practice is not only limited to casino players. Some casinos also are involved in scam.

Cheating is not easy

Prior before now cheating in casino game of roulette was prominent and simple to be carried out. But today, it is very difficult to cheat in roulette casino. In order to be able to cheat in casino without being caught one has to be very careful. Cheating nowadays is done with the money and assistance of a third party.

Casinos have learnt their lesson such that they are very observant. You can even be caught after smartly cheating at casino. When a casino observes that you have made so much money, he can get you arrested. In the light of the above, the risk involved in cheating in casino nowadays does not worth the gain. Your gain is nothing compared to the high risk you took in order to carry out the act.

Cheating Methods

Ball tripping is one of the ways through which cheating can be carried out in roulette casino. In this type of cheating it is not only the roulette players that are involved in the nasty act. Sometimes the owner of the casino can also cheat in roulette casino.

When done by the casino owner, a hole is created below the rim in the upper track of the roulette ball. Then a tiny spring is placed skilfully under it. This is to enable them to divert the ball from the desired result. At the point of dealing, the person draws a handle that will change the ball from resting at the supposed point.

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