Biased Wheel

Roulette wheel is just like other manmade machines. It is fabricated from wood and metal. Consequently, it can develop problems as a result of wear and tear resulting from prolong used of the machine. The imperfection may also be caused by the human operator of the machine.

Another factor that may lead to some imperfection is cost related factor. Roulette wheel are costly to buy. Consequently, the casinos will prefer to use it for a very long time despite any imperfection it has developed in so far as roulette players are not making advantage of such imperfection.

Biased wheel

For roulette wheel to be perfect it has to be well balanced with the pockets perfectly constructed and well brought out. The frets have to be strong against wear and tear. For roulette wheel to be the ideal the dealers will not be able to manipulate the ball of the roulette wheel in any manner. However, the more a roulette wheel is being used the more it is losing its effectiveness and performance capacity. Little fault which may not be detected by the naked eyes can affect the movement of the ball.

With the biased wheel strategies these imperfections can be spotted out and exploited. The biased wheels strategy overcomes the imperfection of the roulette wheel.

Detecting the imperfection of the roulette wheel

Imperfection in the roulette wheel cannot be detected with the naked eyes or by the traditional inspections or tune ups. The only way to discover such flaws is by clocking the wheel. In clocking the wheel process you have to observe the roulette wheel critically and then keep record of your observations. This will help you to find out the rate of the divergence of the actual odds from the odds of an ideal wheel.

In European roulette wheel for example, any number observed to have come up more than 1 in 35 should have a positive value. This is because in European roulette wheel each number is expected to come up around 1 in 37 with the house paying 1 to 35.

In the light of the above, if you are clocking a wheel for a 1000 observations for instance and you discovered that the black 26 for instance appeared 1 in 30 instead of 1 in 37, the black 26 have some physical imperfection.

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