European Roulette

The setting of American roulette table

Roulette is mostly played in Europe than in America. The types of roulette played in both countries differ slightly from each other. However many dwellers of the US do not know about the existence of two types of roulette. The difference between the two types of casino is not more pronounced except in the digit zero that is found in the roulette of the two.

In the America version of the roulette there are 38 numbers. One spectacular feature of America roulette is that there are as much even numbers as there are odd numbers. All these numbers with the exception of zero follow each but are separated from each by red and black.

An even bet will always pay out 35: 1 in the absence of zero. An even odd pays out when there is a bet on any even number, odd number or a bet on the black and red. In the America roulette version the house advantage is 5%. This is due to the fact that double zero in an America roulette which is green in colour makes the possibility that the ball will land at an even to be slim.

European Roulette

The fact that the number zero in European version of roulette is half that of America version, reduces the house advantage to half that is 2%. This difference in house advantage is the major point of difference between American roulette and European roulette. It has some implication. In European roulette if you commit $100 .00 you will lose $2 which is the 2% house advantage. But in the American version if you commit the same amount of money you will lose $5 which represents the house advantage of 5% .

Many American casinos do not provide European roulette and this really constitutes a problem to all those who are in the United States who wish to play the European roulette. All hope is not lost. You can still play European roulette through online casino and this is the best solution to the above problem. The same thing can be suggested to those in Europe who may like to play America roulette.

Sequel to the above it is always advisable for you to try the two roulettes. The American roulette may be more entertaining but the European roulette odds are preferable to the American odds due to the difference in house advantage.

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