French Roulette

The Nature of French Roulette Table

One of the remarkable features of French roulette that differentiates it from other roulette is that all the numbers are written in red colour. This really does not mean much because you can still place an even-money bet on the red/black colour which are used to alternate all the numbers both in French roulette and other versions of roulette. It is just the way the French people want it.

The word roulette is a French term which is translated as little wheel. This always points to the fact that the French developed the roulette casino. In the French roulette table, French terms are used instead of English. This should constitute no problem to any person since the roulette casino sprang from the French world.

If you do not know French the following table will be of help to you:

  1. Even numbers are written as pair while the impair represents the odd numbers.
  2. 19 to 36 which are regarded as the high numbers is translated as passe' in French roulette casino table. The low numbers which range from 1- 18 means the manque' in French roulette table.
  3. Premiere 12 and moyenne 12 mean the first dozen and the middle dozen respectively. The last dozen is called the derriere 12 in roulette table of the French.
  4. Victoire a la roulette is a French phrase that means win at roulette.

The above description can help you to play the French roulette if you really want to do so.

La Partage

The wheel of the French roulette and the wheel of the European roulette are similar in a number of ways. Both have the same number of zero. This brightens the chances of the casino players winning in French casino roulette and European casino roulette unlike in American roulette that has a double zero in addition.

However, French roulette has a rule known as the "la partage". This rule is indeed an edge which French roulette has over European roulette. The "la partage" rule makes it possible for gamblers of French roulette not to lose completely if they make even money bets and the roulette ball rests on zero. When such a thing happens in French roulette with the la partage rule the player in question loses only half of his bet.

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