Different types of casino equipment on sale in SET-Production

SET- Company has a team of experts who are highly experienced and are well trained in the manufacturing of quality casino equipment that will stand the test of time. We deal with casino equipment such as wheels for American and French roulettes, roulette and card tables, chairs, and slot machines.

Others include visitor registration system, video monitoring system, to mention but a few. With the help of our qualified staff our clienteles are able to get over 200 casino equipment. Their company provides different types of casino electronics equipment. Such casino electronic equipment includes electronics equipment.

In 2004 SET-company manufactured the SET-ENGINE which was a thing of honour and glory to the company. Another electronic roulette equipment that SET-company glory in is the DOUBLE SPIN. This electronic roulette equipment allows the ball to move in the opposite direction.

CYCLOPS is an information system for roulette. It has a video reader. This equipment is highly prized by customers. CONCARD is one more electronic equipment that they offer. It is best for the prize game. They also deal with the BONUS used for the American roulette. It is a unique prizing system that gives more appealing gaming condition to casino players.

Non Electronics casino equipment

SET-Production also deals with other casino equipment that are electronic but more of classic accessories. It also provides a good number of casino tables which are of different styles and models. It also deals with blackjack and poker card tables. These tables comprise of board that is traditional in style. SET-Production Company never forgets the comfort of players.

There are also armrests upholstery meant for the players who may like to rest at the casino. Their tables have some other equipment attached to it. Such accessories include footrest, tip and cash slots and table height-adjusting device. Brass or chrome-plated are the prized materials for the table which has the following 2100x1150x930mm. Their Customers since ten years have not complained with regard to the quality of the SET-production casino equipment.

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