Popular Casino Films

When entering a casino one appears in a glamorous and luxurious world that engrosses the players after the first bet. Roulette is the main game that associates with casino and big money. Charming girls, respect and power of money all these can be seen in the movies about roulette. So, if one is interested in roulette but doesn't have an idea what it is and how to play it is recommended to see a couple of roulette gambling movies or read some roulette books that will reveal an absolutely new world to spectators.

What is Worth Seeing about Roulette?

There are a wide range of movies that show incredible life of casino, some of them are connected with roulette.

  • To start with "Daniel Deronda" made in 2003 is the best choice. A sharp feeling of risk that takes place on the roulette table intertwines with the passion appeared between a gambler with secretive past and a charming woman who desperately needs money. However, Daniel has a relationship with a Jewish singer. A heartbreaking love triangle is based on George Eliot's novel that makes it exclusive.
  • If one is interested in Russian roulette "13 Tzameti" must be seen. The complicated plot of the story evokes unbelievable emotions. The main hero due to fortune is made to bet on multiple player game of Russian roulette. Sebastian is a player #13 that is said to be unlucky number.
  • One more roulette movie that contains a love story is "Tricheurs". This sincere story takes the spectaculars to the Portuguese island of sunny Madeira. A couple plans a great con in roulette. The main hero Jacques Dutronc who plays the professional gambler brings to the film unique charm.
  • To talk about guides that give technical information on roulette "Essential Roulette: A Guide for Players and Dealers" film is a good choice. It reveals everything from how to bet, giving beginners basic knowledge on roulette to how feel confident when coming up to roulette table.
  • "Fun-To-Know - Casino Games" includes ins and outs of almost all casino games. Before going to casino for the first time it is advisable to see the film in order to learn better casino etiquette, special gambling techniques and instructions how to play roulette games, slot machines, poker and black jack, craps and baccarat.

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