Roulette betting options

One advantage roulette casino has over other types of casino games is the number of betting options that it has. It is advisable for you to master these betting options of roulette casino. These varieties of options make roulette casino interesting and sweet to play. However, at the first instance these betting options can make one to be afraid of the game. But in the actual sense the betting options are not as difficult as they seem to be.

In roulette casino, players can place as many bets as possible with any amount they want in so far as the total amount of bets placed is up to the least amount that is accepted in the table. It should not be above that also. It is not mandatory that each bet should be up to this least amount. For instance in a table with least amount of bet of 5 dollars, player can decide to place 5 bets of any amount in so far as the total does not exceed 5 dollars and it is not below 5 dollars.

Inside and outside roulette bets

Inside and outside roulette bets are the two main division of roulette bet. The inside bet is the first major type of roulette bets.

Inside bets

The inside bet of roulette is done within the interior area of the roulette casino table. There are some combination of numbers that make up the inside bet. Straight, Corner, Basket, Street and Splits bets are the various types of inside area bets in roulette casino table.

Outside bets

Outside bets are another main betting option in roulette casino game. These types of bets are done in the outside portion of the table. In the outside betting option in roulette casino bets are not won in 0 and 00 digits. Red or black, even or odd, low or high, column and dozen bets are the types of outside bets in roulette casino.

Even money bet

Besides these two major betting options, there is a third betting option known as the even money bets. In these types of betting options a player receives exactly the amount he wagers in addition to his betting amount if he wins.

In other words, if a player bets with 5 dollars and wins, he will be given 5 dollars extra. So the player will be going with a total of $10. These betting options are also done in the outside part of roulette table. The bet options are Red or Black bets, Even or Odd bets and Low or High bets.

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