American Roulette

A Brief History of Roulette

The casino game of roulette originated in France as early as the 17th century. Etymologically, roulette is a French world which means the little wheel. There wasn't much difference in the rules of roulette as it was played by the French and as it is played today. Roulette has developed with a huge number of people playing the game now.

Today, the game has two major versions, namely, the American roulette and the European roulette. Though each of these versions is peculiar with regard to their rules but there isn't much difference between the versions of roulette.

The Major Difference

The chip is one of the major differences between American roulette and European roulette. In America roulette each player plays the roulette with different colour of the chips while in European roulette the colour of the chip remains the same for every player. Another point of difference between American roulette and European roulette is the total number of digit in the roulette wheel.

American roulette wheel has a total of 38 digits and it is numbered from 1 to 36 with double zero digits. This makes the house advantage of American roulette to be greater than that of European roulette which has only one zero digit. There are a total of 37 digits in European roulette wheel numbering from one to thirty six and then zero.

Betting areas

There are two betting areas in roulette table. Bet can either be placed inside or outside the roulette table. Thus there are outside bets and inside bets in roulette casino game. Inside bets are bets made on any number or a straddle while outside bets are bets made on colour, odd, even or group of pockets. In inside bet, straight bet refers to the bet made on a single number and it pays out 1 - 35. Bet on two numbers is called split bet in inside bets of roulette and it pays out 1 - 17. Bet on a row of three numbers or a street is called three line bets. This type of bet is also made on the inside bet and the pay-out is 11 - 1. When you place a bet on a four numbers that constitute a square in the inside bet, it is called 8 - 1 while bet on a two gathering streets which pays out 5 - 1 is called six line bets.

In the outside bets, you can place bet on all 12 numbers in the left, middle or right rows. The pay-out for this type of outside bet is called left, middle or right row bet. other outside bets that pay out 1 - 1 are odd or even bet, red or black bets and 19-36 or 1-18 outside bets.

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